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There are many reasons why you should use WSCAD for your electrical engineering – Here are 10 of them

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Interdisciplinary consistency in engineering data

The WSCAD SUITE is the first integrated and comprehensive CAD/CAE solution for electrical engineering, cabinet engineering, process and fluid technology, building automation and electrical installation. No matter which discipline you work in – the replacement of a component in one plan is reflected and immediately completed in all other plans. This saves time and improves quality.

Instead of creating your own symbols and parts, save some time and access the world’s largest electrical CAD library: wscaduniverse.com. With 1.4 million data sets from over 300 manufacturers available in WSCAD and Eplan* format it now also has 3D STEP data for cabinet engineering in WSCAD. Awarded with the golden “e” as the “Best Database for Parts and Symbols”, wscaduniverse.com offers fast search and filter functions and can be accessed free of charge!

High functionality

The modular and scalable WSCAD SUITE offers a vast range of functions: from simple ten-page jobs to mega projects with structure identifiers, standards-compliant design in accordance with IEC 81346, detailed user management and much, much more. The documentation is provided in intelligent PDFs, which can be read anywhere without a special viewer. With a simple click on intelligent measuring points in an engineering plan, installation and service technicians can immediately switch to the fluid or electrical schematics.

Outstanding price/performance ratio

The WSCAD solution is up to four times cheaper than comparable solutions on the market, it was also awarded with the golden “e” for the “Best Price/Performance Ratio”, so you will experience budget relief both in terms of purchase price and annual maintenance costs.

Fast, intuitive and easy to use

WSCAD is designed for speed: the logical structure and intuitive interface were awarded with the golden “e” for the “Best User Experience”. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you will be fast, even if you only work sporadically with WSCAD. The WSCAD Augmented Reality App is designed specifically for maintenance and service engineers: it visually identifies components in the cabinet and displays the according schematics and all relevant data. Availability of the right data, at the right time and the right place is the core benefit. The WSCAD Augmented Reality App is part of the new WSCAD SUITE X. It can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store* and Google Play*.

Import data from other electrical CAD systems

With WSCAD, you can effortlessly design and manufacture cabinets based on schematics and data from other electrical CAD systems. Including the labeling and manufacturing of cables and wire sets as well as the transfer of generated data to NC machines of Kiesling, Komax or Steinhauer. All functions are part of the software and do not require additional licenses.

Easy integration through numerous interfaces

WSCAD’s product strategy is complemented by mechanisms for speeding up processes and for more openness to other systems. The software therefore provides many efficient interfaces to PLM and ERP systems. There are hence no barriers to complete integration in your existing IT environment, all the way down to production integration.

Use engineering automation to finish your projects on time and on budget

Structuring, standardizing, reusing, generating and configuring data: with this five-stage methodology for engineering automation, you can shorten your design time from several weeks to just a few minutes! Then you have more time available for other things.

Digitization, professional services and digital twins from the experts: WSCAD Global Business Services

With specific services, we can assist you in every conceivable situation – from individual training through digitization (conversion of paper to digital format and conversion of various electrical CAD formats), all the way down to process optimization and real digital twins. Checkup services analyze your processes, make specific recommendations and lay the foundation for a professional and smooth transition to the WSCAD SUITE – regardless of which electrical CAD system you have been working with so far.

Excellent maintenance and support

We are here for you! Forget call centers and enjoy our excellent support: quick, competent and very personal. Awarded the golden “e” for the “Best E-CAD Hotline & Support”, we offer three maintenance levels for your individual needs.

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