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our most powerful electrical CAD software ever!

ELECTRIX ROCKET: the rocket-powered new version of our intuitive electrical CAD software WSCAD ELECTRIX – up to 100% faster than WSCAD SUITE X PLUS!

With WSCAD ELECTRIX ROCKET, we are setting new standards in terms of speed and performance. When compared to its predecessor, WSCAD SUITE X PLUS, the software performs up to 100% faster. This incredible improvement allows you to complete tasks in half the time!

With ELECTRIX ROCKET you will increase your productivity and set new standards in performance. Experience the future of electrical CAD design today!

Benefit from numerous innovations:

  • Enormously improved performance, especially when zooming in and out of plans with a large number of elements.
  • Newly developed search function in the Material and Product Explorer: Find required projects and materials in no time. Endless scrolling is a thing of the past.
  • Better overview through the possibility of grouping element
  • Enhanced and optimised context menu: Get relevant options immediately when right-clicking on selected items without causing unnecessary distractions.
  • New tooltip functions in the item management: View the individual components of combined items by mouse-over.
  • Extra for building automation: New vertical division of the function lists for the clear distribution of important information on several sub-pages, without impairing readability.
  • Your plan as an exact reflection of reality: With the real-time scaling of P&ID symbols, you can create plans that reflect the actual size ratios of plant components.


The new electrical CAD software from WSCAD – download the information brochure as PDF file.

Modular, scalable and flexible: buy or subscribe

Whether you need additional functions or more licenses, the WSCAD solution is modular and scalable. It grows with the increasing demand, without data breaks. To immediately enhance your application, simply activate your product key and you are done.

You can buy or rent WSCAD ELECTRIX. The short-term rent covers temporary needs or peak loads. While the long-term rental (12 months or longer) helps you use ELECTRIX cost-effectively without burdening your capital investment.

The software license is available for a single user (node ​​locked) or as a multi-user network license (floating). Network licenses offer additional investment protection: you can use the borrow-function to temporarily borrow network licenses. Should you lose your laptop e.g. lost on a trip, the license will automatically jump back to the server after the borrowing period expires. The license is not lost and your investment remains protected.

SWITCH – your old electrical CAD for WSCAD ELECTRIX!

Trade in your old electrical CAD software and switch to the modern WSCAD ELECTRIX. No matter whether your old electrical CAD software is still in maintenance or not, whether you use it daily or rarely – you can now trade it in when you switch to the new WSCAD ELECTRIX solution.


ELECTRIX is good for you and for the world’s progress in electrical engineering.


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Or just send us an E-Mail: info@simacies.com

Usability, functionality at a fair price

Usability is our top priority, because 55% of all Electrical CAD users claim that ease of use is by far their most important feature. And although ELECTRIX is easy to use, it provides a very wide range of functions. You can start small and expand the functionality at any time via add-on modules. Electrical schematics, control cabinets, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), fluid power, building automation as well as the entire electrical installation – everything is implemented consistently on one platform. This saves a lot of time when implementing changes and it helps you avoid costly mistakes.

Good software doesn’t have to be expensive: ELECTRIX comes with a very competitive price tag and is usually much more affordable than software from our competitors. And you will find that this advantage also applies to the annual recurring maintenance costs. See for yourself!

ELECTRIX runs with automation

We believe in automating processes and routine tasks, so engineers and designers can make better use of their valuable time. Numerous design templates (macros) are the first step of automation. By creating a company-wide uniform standard, you save time and raise the quality of your designs. Schematics can then be generated automatically from these templates (macros) at the push of a button. This saves days and weeks of valuable work hours. The complete generation of schematics can be automated by using product configurators with WSCAD ELECTRIX. Engineering time is reduced from weeks to just a few minutes. Find out how companies like Bruckmann Steuerungstechnik or Caterpillar have implemented this with WSCAD.

ELECTRIX includes Augmented Reality

With the Cabinet AR app maintenance personnel and service technicians can scan field devices and components from a control cabinet. They then have immediate access to the actual schematics, including BMK, 3D views of the component, part data and original data sheets from the manufacturer. The availability of a component can also be determined in real time. On the shop floor, workers can use the Cabinet AR app to mark wired connections using a smart wiring checklist and thus save the current status. An evaluation always ensures that nothing has been missed

A unique highlight of the WSCAD ELECTRIX are the two augmented reality apps. Both apps are free of charge in the Apple App Store and on Google Play

Building AR App
Cabinet AR App

We have developed an augmented reality to help building designers scan buildings in no time. This becomes necessary, if changes are made to an existing building and the documentation is not available or if it contains many errors. With the Building AR app you can scan entire rooms including doors and windows and save them as a DXF file. The DXF file can then be further edited in WSCAD ELECTRIX. Scanning rooms or even an entire building is easy.

ELECTRIX is lightning fast

We paid particular attention to speed and performance, because speed is one of the top three most important features for electrical CAD users. Projects with more than 1,000 pages can be handled at lightning speed. A PLC is created in no time at all, terminal management is super easy and the complete documentation of your project is ready up to 10 times faster than in previous versions. As a WSCAD user, you simply finish your work faster. And of course you can re-use all your old WSCAD SUITE data without any loss.

Benefits of the new software WSCAD ELECTRIX

Our awardwinning usability got even better
  • New Design Engine (Editor) with intuitive look & feel and lots of improvements:
    • Dimensions and coordinates of objects can be edited on the fly
    • Easier alignment and positioning of objects using “Snapping”
    • Additional precision and ease of use when selecting small objects
    • Faster zooming and panning
    • Each page can be moved freely. You are able to productively use the space next to the page.
  • Data export can be configured freely by using path variables
  • Labelling and marking of wires is super flexible and can be customised to meet specific requirements
  • Save time by comfortably using rotation variants
  • Optimised structure of the menu
  • The new mouse-over function automatically highlights elements
Unique data compatibility
  • Data compatibility to WSCAD SUITE:
    • Read data: all data created with WSCAD SUITE since 2012 can be easily read in ELECTRIX. Just open the old WSCAD SUITE file in ELECTRIX and you are ready to go! 100% of your old data (schematics, control cabinets, etc) is safe and your investment in WSCAD SUITE is secure.
    • Write data: all data created in ELECTRIX can be saved in the following formats: SUITE 2018, SUITE X und SUITE X PLUS. This bi-directional data compatibility between WSCAD ELECTRIX and WSCAD SUITE ensures maximum flexibility. It is unique and hardly any other vendor offers this.
  • Handling AUTODESK* DXF/DWG files is easy: in WSCAD ELECTRIX you can even edit layers and elements from the DWG file. there is no need to convert the DWG file. This is super fast and saves save time and effort.
  • Design control cabinets based on data and schematics from other electrical CAD software: simply import the relevant data in ELECTRIX and start working.

* Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm or their logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with SIMACIES

  • 1.4 Million components data from over 350 manufacturers are at your disposal. It saves time when you don’t have to create symbols or data by yourself.
  • Synchronise complete bill of materials (BOM): just imagine you are switching your old electrical CAD system for WSCAD ELECTRIX. In one go you can synchronise all your the components from your old CAD with our 1.4 million parts in wscaduniverse.com. All matches can be downloaded to WSCAD ELECTRIX so you can start using these components straight away. That is a huge time saver!
  • And just in case you might need parts data in other formats just search in wscaduniverse.com. You will find components in various formats: WSCAD, STEP, AUTODESK* DXF/DWG, Eplan* and more.
Data from 1.4 million parts available: wscaduniverse.com
Optimised for building automation
  • Automatically generate schematics and the allocation of data points to the controllers. This saves huge amounts of time and sets quality benchmarks.
  • New data point key Plugin FRAPORT_2 for building automation, especially useful when working with FRAPORT (Frankfurt Airport). Read more about how Fraport is designing building and room automation with WSCAD in this technical paper.
  • Extension of the data point key Plugin BKS_Open in order to use folders and data from pages for the automatic generation of data point keys
  • Extension of the components data base so communication profiles can be added to devices
  • Data point management redesigned and compliant with ISO 16484, BACnet and the new German standard VDI 3814

  • New function list and forms for automated reports
  • Over 300 macros for building automation including new macros for cooling technology. No other vendor delivers this amount of macros for building automation. By using macros you safe precious engineering time.

* Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners. The listing of any firm or their logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with SIMACIES

Lots of interfaces
  • SIEMENS TIA Portal: easy bi-directional synchronisation of PLC assemblies. WSCAD ELECTRIX supports SIEMENS TIA Portal V1.0, V1.1 and V 1.2
  • PHOENIX CONTACT PROJECT complete offers support when configuring and marking terminal strips and multi-level terminals and other parts
  • WAGO smartDESIGNER: Export of terminal configurations
  • Manufacturing machines (drilling, milling, cable assembly and harnessing) from nVent/Steinhauer, Komax, Rittal/Kiesling as well as just in time delivery of preconfigured cable bundles from CadCabel
Even more benefits
  • Electrical installation
    • Designing floor plans has been improved
    • Rooms that are scanned with WSCAD Building AR App can be imported into WSCAD ELECTRIX
    • Cables are consistently managed in building automation, electrical installation and electrical schematics
    • Faster design of building installation by using the new macro library with predefined equipment classes for residential buildings
  • Big projects are managed faster by switching to 64bit hardware. With Windows you can use significantly more of the fast memory (RAM) storage
  • Direct support of the GPU (the processor on the graphic card) for graphical operations

You can find technical information regarding our new electrical CAD system ELECTRIX here



There is more information available about WSCAD ELECTRIX: technical articles and cases studies.